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Another Pass Podcast

Sep 16, 2021

After a bumpy first outing on the silver screen, the Star Trek franchise got it right, but that doesn’t mean studios believed in the project. Michael Fisher joins Case and Sam to go over the rocky start to the most foundational Star Trek film.

Sep 2, 2021

Expectations weren’t exactly high for the 1998 American made Kaiju film by Roland Emmerich, but no one was exactly satisfied with what we got. Hans, The Real Movie Critic, and Steven, The CineGuy, join us to speculate on true King of the Monsters.

Aug 19, 2021

We’re joined by Scott Thomas (Infinity Podcast, And The Best Picture Is) to talk about apes with a real Killer Instinct. Get ready for a Co-Co-Congo Breaker! Have your green drop drink handy as we talk Congo!

Aug 5, 2021

We’re talking about BEOWULF! And to talk about BEOWULF, Case and Sam are joined by Certain POV founder, Ben Milton! Why? Because this is BEOWULF!!!

Jul 22, 2021

The weed of crime bears bitter fruit! The “weed” being the legendary pulp fiction franchise, The Shadow, and the “bitter fruit” being the 1994 box office bomb inspired by it. Do Case and Sam, along with special guest Pat Edwards, dare learn what evil lurks in the heart of this film?